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Internet Banking Service

​​​​​​Access CIB banking services on the go!​​

​​​Now it’s easier than ever to take care of your banking needs on the go  

Our newly revamped Internet Banking service gives you more control over your transactions and allows you to monitor your finances at home, in the office, and on the road. Navigation and usability have been improved to provide a smoother and more enjoyable experience. Thanks to our new upgrade, you can also access our Internet banking portal on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

To start enjoying our new platform today, just log into your account online!

How to...


View your information

You can bank from the comfort of your computer and your smartphone with CIB's comprehensive Internet banking solutions. With CIB Internet Banking you can

  • View the balances of your Accounts, Credit Cards, Deposits, Loans, and Mutual Funds
  • View transactions on your Accounts, Credit Cards, and Mutual Funds
  • View, print, and save monthly or quarterly Accounts and Credit Cards statements
  • View supplementary accounts including joint, minor, and grant accounts as well as those over which you have power of attorney


New Features:

  • Track spending – Monitor your spending easily using the new "My Money" tool. Label and group your transactions to easily review them and understand where your money's going.
  • Easily keep track of past, present, and future transaction with our easy-to-read calendar view. 
  • Receive notifications – Customize your notification settings to bring important news to the homepage of your CIB Internet Banking account.



Conduct Transactions

You can safely conduct the following transactions

  • Transfer money between your CIB accounts
  • Transfer money to other CIB accounts as well as external accounts both in Egypt and abroad*
  • Settle your Credit Card statements and those of other card holders
  • Make donations to charity*
  • Schedule one-time and recurring transactions for specific dates


New Features:

  • Make Quick Payments – Now you have the option to organize your routine transactions in one convenient location, making it easier to initiate transfers using your OTP token.*



Make Requests

Easily initiate the following requests online:

  • Request a checkbook for your current account
  • Add supplementary accounts connected to your primary account
  • Update your official contact information*
  • Send inquiries, suggestions, or complaints to our customer service representatives
  • Change the limits on your supplementary credit cards


New Features:

  • View your request history – Easily view the status of your open requests to CIB including inquiries, transaction disputes, checkbook requests, and more. Review past requests at any time.


*Certain transactions completed online require a Higher Authentication One Time Password (OTP) Token in addition to your username and password when performing third-party transfers outside of your account. When you subscribe to this free service, you will be able to generate an OTP token via the Soft Token OTP app (available through the App Store and Google Play). You may also request a hard token device, which will be delivered to your preferred CIB branch (Announced CIB fees and charges will apply). To apply for either a soft or a hard token OTP, visit your nearest CIB branch and complete the OTP application form. You can also learn more about this service at


This is in addition to many other available features at the tip of your fingers.

Register for CIB Internet Banking Today!

Do you have questions, comments, or feedback about our new portal? Share it with us through Suggestion/Inquiry form through your Internet Banking account. For complaints, please send us an email at


Service Registration​
  • Visit our site, click on "Internet Banking" under "Online Services"
  • On the Internet Banking service page, click on "Register New User".
  • Use your ATM 16 Digits Debit or Credit Card number and its 4 Digits PIN and set your password to register for free on Internet Banking
  • Review and agree to the terms and conditions to complete your registration.
  • If you have not signed the e-Banking terms and conditions and delivered it to the bank, you will be presented with a note asking you to complete the E-Banking Services Subscription Application at your nearest branch.


​​​​​For more support, please watch the Internet Banking Registration Demo​


Register now to the Internet Banking Service to get 
access to your banking accounts from anywhere 24/7

With CIB Internet Banking, you can benefit from the following:​


Terms and conditions apply