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Phone Banking

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We offer secure, easy-to-use Phone Banking to save your effort and time. Through CIB Phone Banking channels (19666), you can manage your money when it suits you 24 hours, 7days a week.

Our Phone Banking services offer easier and more convenient ways to manage your money and transact on your account, anytime or place using your phone.



Interactive Voice Service (IVR)

CIB IVR is a great time saving, automated, free of charge banking service. It allows you to do your banking activities whenever you want, wherever you are, in a convenient and easy way to do your banking simply by following the voice prompts.

What is new in the Interactive Voice Service (IVR)?

  • Bill Payment & Mobile Top up: Now you can top up your prepaid mobile account, pay your mobile & land line bills, Internet ADSL & Utilities & renew your car license. To enjoy our new services:
    1. Press 2 for Bill Payment & Mobile Recharge
    2. Enter your T PIN
    3. Enter CIB Soft/Hard Token OTP

This in addition to list of several other features as follows:

Registering is easy:

To begin enjoying the convenience of CIB IVR, you will need: Touch - Tone Phone device, your CIB Debit /Credit Card number and your card PIN, then choose four digits to be your phone banking password.

Simply follow the step-by-step recorded menu and enjoy performing a variety of banking transactions:

IVR Tree: designed to enhance the navigation experience and introduce more friendly and personalized tree customized for each customer

  • Account and Credit Card quick Balance
  • Time Deposit, Certificates of Deposit and Mutual Funds rates and position inquiry
  • Loan Position inquiry
  • Fund Transfer between your own Accounts
  • Credit Card Settlement
  • Fund raising
  • Debit and Credit Card Activation
  • Cards' PIN Management (Set/Reset) for all Card types (Debit and Credit)
  • Identify customers once they called from their registered phone numbers at CIB to offer special treatment for each customers' segment
  • Let's Hear Your Voice (Post Call Survey)
  • Latest products/offers

And much more…

IVR Tree

Safety Tips

In order to obtain information on the products and services a given Customer is using, or to conduct any transactions, it is necessary to be verified using the automated attended IVR service.

The Customer defines the PIN in the automatic IVR service, without the Customer Service Officers' participation, only the Customer knows his/her IVR PIN – during the verification process in the automatic IVR service, the Customer types in, on the phone's keypad the four digits password These digits should not be disclosed to the Bank's personnel.

Please do not reveal your IVR PIN to any third parties. If, for some reason, your PIN has been disclosed, please block it immediately and define a new one – one phone call to the Customer Service officers will do that.

CIB Customer Service officers

Our dedicated customer service officers team comprises a carefully-selected group of highly skilled and qualified personnel who deliver support services that aim to facilitate clients' day-to-day operations.

Our officers are dedicated to  provide our valuable clients with the following services :

  • Debit and Credit Card​ Activation
  • Report lost/stolen cards
  • Handle customers' complaints and requests
  • Delivery appointments for plastic cards and statements
  • Alternative delivery channels inquiries and support
  • Change Mailing Address
  • Support customers' general banking inquiries
  • Leave travel note
  • Latest offers and products features inquiries

And much more..

Just remember: CIB Call Center 19666

CIB Acquiring  (Merchant support):

Need assistance with your CIB POS, want to apply for new POS, please call our dedicated officers on CIB acquiring line (00202) 24565999 available 24 hours..

Our officers offer you a variety of services:

  • Handle merchants' complaints and inquiries
  • Manual authorization

And much more..

CIB Phone Banking Channels at your service 24 hours 7 days a week, Just dial the following numbers: CIB Call Center 19666 , International number (00202) 19666 and Acquiring line (00202) 24565999.