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CIB Smart Wallet


​​​​​​​​Your life can be so much easier!
Did you know that people are most likely to leave home without their wallet more than their mobile

-Make sure to sign up for  CIB wallet so the next time you leave home without your wallet, you can still work through your day.

Ever had to pay back someone or give them money to do something and they were a drive away or in a hard-to-park place, especially on those hot days and you feel you don't want to make the trip

-No worries, send them the money right from your phone to theirs without any need to move from where you are.


There are 6 industries many of us work in that move us away from home. If you work in construction, transportation, oil & gas, mining, agriculture or tourism you may likely want to send money home

-The smart wallet from CIB is your solution – send the money instantly and safely in a second to family


Tired of all bills that should be paid every month – phone bills, internet bills, utility bills, traffic bills?

-With Smart Wallet, it's a one-stop-shop location to pay all those noisy repetitive bills from the comfort of your home or even while you're on the go.


Want to buy something online and scared of using your credit card, or maybe you don't have one

-Simply use the CIB smart wallet's single use Virtual Online Card and make that online purchase with ease. 


Wallet Limits have now increased to be:

  • Maximum Wallet Balance Limit: 10,000 EGP
  • Maximum Daily Transaction Limit: 6,000 EGP
  • Maximum Monthly Transaction Limit: 50,000 EGP

How can I register to the service?

  • Visit the nearest CIB branch
  • Fill in a registration form
  • Required documents: Valid Mobile Number , Valid National ID


For more information about the service and how to register, please visit CIB Smart Wallet FAQs