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CIB Foundation

​​Established in 2010 as a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing health and nutritional services for underprivileged children in Egypt, and registered under the Ministry of Social Solidarity as per the Ministry’s Decree No. 588 of 2010, the CIB Foundation focuses on sustainable development initiatives that result in positive, long-term outcomes.

Following the success of the CIB Foundation in 2011, CIB shareholders generously increased the percentage of CIB’s net annual profit to the Foundation from 1% to 1.5%. One hundred percent of the donations made to the account go towards the implementation of development projects for children. With this funding, the CIB Foundation is making valuable contributions in the area of child health and nutrition through various multi-faceted initiatives, including renovating and upgrading hospital infrastructure, purchasing medical equipment, and providing surgical and medicinal treatment to underprivileged children.
For more information on the CIB Foundation, please read our 2018 Activities Report​​​ or click here to visit our Facebook page.
To view our latest video documentary on the CIB Foundation, please visit the below link: