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Customer Information Update

In CIB, we always keep the security and safety of your savings and personal information at the highest priority. 

For the purpose o​f smooth dealing over your accounts. You are kindly requested to update your personal records maintained by the bank at the earliest possible chance.

Simply download the form, fulfill the required data, sign it in the bottom of all pages and either submit it to one of our braches or send it by mail to your branch or to P.O. Box 2430 Al Ataba, attention: Your branch.

Please provide us with the following:

  • A valid National ID (for Egyptian nationals) or valid passport (for foreigners) in case of expiration 
  • An HR letter (in the event your employment status has changed)
  • A utility bill (in the event your permanent address has changed)
  • Recent  Commercial Register (for companies) 

Download Forms:

Customer Information Updat​e Form

Customer Information U​pdate Form for Companies