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Corporate Banking

​Known across the Egyptian market for its strong credit culture, the Corporate Banking Group is CIB’s financing and underwriting arm that provides best-in-class financial structures and advisory services to its clients. The Group caters to the financing needs of large Corporates with annual sales revenues above EGP 150 million. Yet, realizing the pivotal role of medium size companies in the Egyptian economy, the Group, over the past few years has broadened its scope to provide financial structures and services addressing this business segments.

The Corporate Banking Group’s foremost goal is closely aligned to advancing the nation’s economic development. It is committed to closely monitor the performance of projects and economic entities that CIB finances to ensure their viability. The Group believes that economic viability on the micro level is certain to contribute to — and promote — macroeconomic welfare.
The Group’s mission is to enhance its position as the top Corporate Bank in the Egyptian market, while maximizing value its shareholders, employees and the community at large.

The Corporate Banking Group’s competitive advantages include:
  • Strong corporate business model.
  • Highly experienced staff reinforced by continuous training to keep pace with latest industrial trends both economically and technically.
  • Strong customer base enjoying a healthy and diversified portfolio that is well-positioned in primary growth industries including, but not limited to: Oil and Gas, Power, Petrochemicals, Infrastructure, Food and -Agribusiness, Tourism, Shipping and Ports and Real Estate.
  • Ability to provide a wide and innovative array of financing schemes.
  • Broad coverage to include companies with sales revenues above EGP 60 million, thus establishing a foothold in this untapped segment to create future growth potential.
Key Achievements:
Continued to be the major contributor to Institutional Banking profitability, generating almost 50% of the Institutional Banking Group’s profits.
Captured approximately 80% market share of the shipping activities related to Suez Canal payments through facilitating financial solutions for the shipping sector, including Shipping Agencies, Shipping Service Providers, Container Terminals, Ports and Ship Owners.
Focused on supporting the import of necessary grains and food staples.
Acted as a mandated lead arranger in financing a new project aiming to improve public transportation. Ensured proper monitoring of the corporate accounts to maintain the sound asset quality of CIB.
Enhanced the utilization of corporate customers to different online channels such as e-Banking and e-Trade, resulting in a current market penetration rate of 75%.
Full roll-out of the Business Enhancement Unit to ensure the extension of excellent quality operational services to our corporate clients.
Corporate Banking Objectives:
The Corporate Banking Group aims to achieve the following:
-Maximizing share of wallet with multinationals.
-Increase customer loyalty and boost CIB’s market share in all sectors through cross-selling Global Transaction Services (GTS) products.
-Expand CIB’s loan portfolio with special emphasis on financing medium-sized projects.
-Enhance the bank’s fee income stream through increasing trade business services.